Mighty snow clad mountains, lofty hills and wild, dancing rivers. Nepal's immense diversity has long fascinated travellers. The remarkable varieties of ethnic culture, terrain and living creatures has drawn people from around the globe for centuries.

However, it has perverted just to vice-versa by virute of matrix of impediments viz unstable government, poor education system etc. It's worth mentioning that an education plays a pivotal role for the country's breakthrough. It has rich and unique culture, tradition and way of life though prevalent education system remains pristine-much as it was untold years ago.

On scrupulous observation, myriad of students have been heading abroad for their further study. In the most cases they have been facing obstacles of multifarious nature due to lack of correct and proper information. That compels them to fall easy prey to the cunning brokers spending a huge amount of money. By virtue of lack of proper/accurate and timeworthy information pushes them to be the worst victim of the circumstances.

Worlwide Nepalese Student Organisation (WNSO) is perhaps a single pocket that remains if you're looking for genuine, elaborative and pertinent educational information untouched by crass concerns.

As a purely social organisation that has staunchly, resisted many of the optimum features related to education, Nepal etc. at it's web-site at http://www.wnso.org or http://www.chautari.wnso.org . It's newly introduced forum has various of facilities with modern techniques which symbolizes "modernisation".

Needless to say, WNSO feel an increased responsibility to provide an essential information to prospective students in the most active and pragmatic way.

WNSO - Quite simply like nowhere else in the world !

WNSO - Thousands of assistance and information in one pocket !

Therefore, please come and visit at http://www.wnso.org or http://www.chautari.wnso.org

Would you please spare a little of your valuable time for providing comments, we would be obliged and highly indebted !

With warms regards and complments, we remain.

By :- Sajan
e-mail :- sspinya@yahoo.com

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