Person's personality

She is my classmate. It's about that time when she was new to our class. I had not thought that she was amiable. I always felt very strange with her behaviors. We didn't use to speak much with each other. Her name is Sareja. There was an antipathy between us. I used to hate her. I had thought, that was my belief, she was really very different than my other friends. Sometimes we had to be together as we were classmates. But we didn't speak any word with each other. I really didn't like her.

But my mind changed on the 8th of Kartik, 2059. On that day we all were on the school playground to practise different games as our annual sport day was very near. I had also taken part in long-jump. I was practising for that. When I jumped and landed. But when landing my leg slightly bended and there was a sudden pain on my leg. Seraja became first who saw that because everyone was busy in practice. I did not think that she would do something for me. I tried to stand up but my attempt went in vain. She saw that and came running towards me to help. I became unable to walk without support. She helped me to reach to my home too.

The next day was Saturday and my school was also closed. My condition was same. On that day also she came to my home to enquire about my health. She expressed her kind and tender feelings for my recovery. I found her nice and kindhearted. I had misunderstood her. I felt guilty. I realized my mistake that I had been nitwit.

Later I thanked her. I also begged sorry for my earlier behavior towards her. I learnt that a person's personality and internal behavior or feeling is not shown or identified by his outer appearance and activities. From that day we began to share feelings with each other. Now we are very close to each other. From that incident I leant a moral that one should not be evaluated only viewing his/her out appearance and activities as well.

Binita Singh.
Class VIII
Anant Secondary School , Lalitpur
e-mail :- binitasingh001@hotmail.com

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