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"No, this isn't too much homework! You have two days of holiday to complete it!" (do we really get holiday's to chill out, or complete a bunch of assignments... it gives me great pleasure to state that the latter is completey true). I quote the creator of homework. Let's face it - homeworks are useless! This quote is one special...very special indeed. No, I'm quoting a teacher... I'm quoting the ones who give homework. Ok... it's true we have two days to complete our friday homework... but what the hell...isn't it a holiday. It's very similar to a situation where the employees are loaded with bagfull of papers to complete on their leave or weekend. It might not be ridiculous to say our weekend holidays are not holidays at all... at the back of your mind, you always know yo've gotta finish ALL THAT HOMEWORK, and goto school the next day. And no, it isn't simple to ignore this conscience...or to make it shut up! Ask any student in his right mind, and they will definately agree to the fact that they detest the subject which occupy most of his bagpack... be it math, nepali, science, psychology, computers... they suffer from agoraphobio, and homeworkphobia.
Okay, some brilliant student may appear to ruin this whole critique... but deep down inside...even they loath homeworks (don't get me wrong here... i know psychology!!! i really do! and even though they might not loath homeworks, i'm still right - because i say so! any problems?)
Now we come to the most critical part of the research... defining the term homework, which would have a much more positive meaning to it, if it was really about work you did at home - surfing net, watching TV, phonecalling, bluffcalling, dishwashing (yes... you read it right - dishwashing) or even...or even... eating and sleeping! I doubt we'll ever get anything productive out of homeworks, except a bunch of schoolwork (english actually is a crazy language see...?) If there's one thing mankind hasn't been civilised in, it's homework. How primitive can you get anyway?
Now come's another very important sector of this useless piece... analyzing the student's school lifespan...
Early Morning: "Hey, it's 7! Wake up!" Ok... that's pretty fair... now you change, stuff in the breakfast and scurry to your bus stop. School environs are executed!

The Whole Day at School: Study, Read some, write some... oh, come on! It's school... how can you ever get burdened by small stuff like writing a few essays? It's only fair!

Returning From Bootcamp...err... i mean SCHOOL: Everybody is elated for some dumb reason (besides the fact that they're completely oblivious to the evening homework... and tomorrow's class test)

At Home: Get back, eat some kind of food - snacks (well... don't you?), watch the usual TV show Friends. Uh-oh... it's time for...OMG (oh my god) HOMEWORK! The subject is horrified, terrified, and you can see it in one's opalescent eyes, matching his ghostly-while face...he feel's fear brewing up... and has no choice but to start his homeworks. Once he's gotten over the fear of his bag devouring him, he has the most painstaking task of reminiscing ALL of his assignments... Math - Page 62 (10 - 40 even) Nepali - Essay on Democracy and Freedom, Science - Draw figure 1.2 from book, English - Read Shakespeare's original Comedy of Errors. It suddenly occurs to him that it's friday - no wonder there's so much homework! "Ok, " he states, "I'll leave some for tomorrow, and the rest for Sunday". Sleep usually early, you've got that habbit already!

Saturday: Saturday..yahoo! Oh yea... homework! Darn...i can leave that for tomorrow. Sir did tell me how we had 2 whole days to complete them. Yup, he's right... as teachers always are! 'll just leave it for the whole day tomorrow, and have fun today!!

Sunday: Oh yea... the daily outing today. I'm pretty sure I can complete my HW after I return in the afternoon.

Sunday Afternoon (1730 hrs): Oh... hehe, look at my new article... it's about Metal is Not Dead...boy, i sure wished school assignments could be like that! Well... gotta start now! (Starts at 1800 hrs and stays up till 2215 hrs... with a few more remaining)

School Next Day: Let's just say his incomplete homework, and not working hard, earned him a day like hell!!! Now the student hates all the subjects that assigned him homeworks... and since his encaphelon is fried up... he flunks all his tests. Rest assured, the homeworks really helped him for the academic year...as his days were spent like so, and he passed on to the next grade.

WOW!!! Student's should be thankful to what occupy the majority of one's bagpack's contents... It helped him be independant, have a strong brain (now he can come up with original excuses, without taking Joe's help), work harder, earn more money, get a better job. So therefore, it is obvious everyone deserves quality education like the one Oceanridge High School, provides... This system, like the government, will remain for a long time, irrespective of it's critic's and haters...for 'good' shall forever evil! Hail! Hail the homework messiah!

By: Parimal Satyal (age: 13)
Basbari, Kathmandu
Email: darkwin@myrealbox.com

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