An ode to night
Understand me you know
Wailing song see now grow
Night is deep bussing air
I see the light that is fair
When sees the sky starry bright
Dazzling dark heat of night
Much of a dark how very wild
And see the peace so very mild
Challenging sun, lucent Moon
Capture a heart how very soon
How else I praise luster you give
Throe to ease a place you leave
The calm of night silvery wood
No words it give to praise in a mood
How you capture this heart
Myself unknown what is an art
Guiding me night for what I lost
I find no words what is a cost
Are you okay oh! Peace of mind
Silence even charming I find
Forever if you keep a height
To lie beneath I am ready oh! Night
Where are the doves that is for love
I find myself now in your cove
Should I do what it is too peace
If ld be my love I ld have kiss
I am all alone empty room
Needing to sweep there s a broom
What is this luster of dark
I find myself in lap of a lark
How should I tell its too calm
Sorrow even lost in a balm
Dont know myself dead or alive
Kneeling on you I got it thrive
Hear when I find in you that
Forgotten now ,love was for what
Which wind that bring in the door
A gentle knock find in my core
Now in my want who is a guide
Got understood to make it wide
Who is that wishing too well
To shudder a ocean was I a whale
Oh! Night bore do you feel
I am very glad how that you heal
Tell me please is it too late
If wish I more do me no hate
When a poet makes you a tome
Mercy of god that is for whom
This will not & was not before
Still how I wishing too more
To enjoy this, night it hung
Even this buzz feel me a song
How more in grief could I can say
Are you too sad dying for day
If I request and for you weep
Will day listen for me to keep
Wailing for night did not I guess
How else could I forgot process
Day and night cycle of nature
To give a meaning role of her.


By :- HemRaj Bastola



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