IĎve seen many places, many beauty,

while traveling cross the world,

but found only one special country,

to my heart close the most.


Only country from whole globe,

enchanted me, stole my heart,

even many remains to probe,

from this land feel Iím part.


Nepal - that is my heart place,

feeling there as at home,

no need other ways to trace,

in Nepal Iím never alone.


From far Europe even being,

no difference between us

for love and peace always seeking,

never give up our trust.


Wonderful mountains to be trekked,

in so heights you feel free,

but donít let body to be wrecked,

sometimes rest under tree.


Leaving Nepal never easy,

all memories have to pack,

almost cry, when plane is busy,

going out, but I want back.


Nowhere to go, nothing to do,

far from Nepal I feel lost,

still hope will find you,

mero rani to be close.


Martin Ladyr

Czech Republic




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