Stream on the Veins

Making my heart strong is sometimes
Rigid as a rock in a plateau
Staring at the stars at night
Then soothes my pain every time

Hasnít been so facile to know my slumber ness
Couldnít get to the point sometimes
Like a vein running down my soul
Wouldnít be so strong all the times

Gloomy seems the night and day
Not every time that I think of
Could do the best I wanted
Entanglement rushes through the gay

Forcing my emotions to the needs
Wasnít true enough to bring a providential
In me heaps of deeds you see
Hasnít been so much of credential

Flowing with the stream
Takes me down to the ocean
Evils can be there waiting sometimes
Canít help to flow in with the soothing esteem

Like a rock hammering down a plateau
I canít resemble a day of mine
I felt the best of me instead
Better than the worse I guess

BY: Milan Khanal
Dated: 13/10/2005
Brunswick Australia



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