Will on an avenue

It is not facile to know it all
Nonetheless way should be clear
Nostalgic has been in the hall
Since then when it was not so fair

Call in agony is not so hard
When dismay has been a definition
Height of gain is so small
Then it canít go in to recognition

Driving down an avenue
Feels there are lot of things due
Things are here left to be done in clue
Wiser the nights are to be in slumber and blue

In to the desert a mirage always exists
Has to be close enough to erase the illusion
Furthermore it canít help out so
If it wants not to get into the conclusion

Diving up and down in an ocean
Similar to follow the moon on the way
Canít help to fetch the day of a reason
Would like to be all in a day of eternal gay

Twinkling stars up in the dark sky
Give deep enlightenment most of the times
The strong heart is all always within
Hitchhiker is following dreams of his mind

BY: Milan Khanal
Date: 09/11/2005
Melbourne, Australia



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