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As I love you by Rupak Dhakal

Though words unspoken, my eyes will always try
To tell you that I love you; A million times
Couldn’t refer whether you got it or not
Or you just abstained from my love

With deepest devotion and truest heart
I have still to say” You, my, inseparable part.”
Deeply and completely drown I am in your love
Or just like a tree who lost all his bough

You may not have ever felt how hard it is
To not tell your beloved one the way you feel
Days seem eons and all colors they fade
The color of blood is not that red

The phantoms of your being mine
Haunts me all- all the time
Make it not a fantasy, make it true
Let me hear you say,” I love you too.”

I have envisaged a Utopia with you
Let’s make it actual, you and me in crew
Accompany me in every step I take
And show once more,’ True loves aren’t fake.’

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