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Ephemeral Anecdote

Our youthful aroma embellished us
In the romantic dais of love
Vicinity, close rapport we developed
I admired, exalted, lionized her
As an integral part, the heart within my heart
She to fell in love with me
Praised me adored me
As a soul, mind with in her mind
I thought the woo was incentive, cogent truce
To propose her, to grasp her as better half
Unexpected silence and serenity prevailed
In our camaraderie
Lasting some months

Deteriorated with awful spasm
I caught the catastrophe, a ruinous life
Had epilepsy, had agony galore
The hope turned into the ashes
Zenith into the nadir
Abysmal the study
Thoughts transmuted into vicious yearning
To kill, to finish, to strangle ………………….

Eureka! Overwhelmed with felicity
I cuddled her, kissed her
I wiped out the runnel of tears
About to be swept away my life
With her acceptance of my offer
The receipt rejuvenated me
My study
My gallantry
The charisma
Mighty talon of haunting murder and suicide
Had miles away in a wink of her eye
Refreshment of the thoughts
Revitalization from the obsession
Purification of the odious attitude
Enticed me to the ladder of success
Her elfin face, ethereal charm
Seraphic smile, again were the tonic

Alas! A jinx, the denizen spread the rumor
She has amour with next fellow
Assignation she had with him
You fool!!

She to pleaded in a threatening epistle
To give up the affair very soon
For I changed the way
To kiss the future happiness
She reiterated

Precipitated from the Angel falls
I ruminated, I mused
Frost!! You are true
This meager seven years
I, too, still have ten sevens to go, to live

With my poor stamina
I Declared-
To love other is greater than to be loved

Rajesh Luitel


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