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Heaven In Earth

Her Hair glittering down her shoulders,
Puts shame to the majestic falls.
Enchanging Ogle caressing my body,
Overshadows the moon and the stars.
Her Blushing cheeks,
The early sunrise in east, envies.
The way her philtrum crowns her lips,
Leaving the king’s of king jealous.
Rosy lips,dancing, along her lexis,
Moves, her magical- feathery fingers,
Does wonders-than the magical wand.
Exquisite body dancing, with her each pace,
Makes the bird sing melody.
As she stands there,
Beneath that naïve sky, that adores her,
Zephyr rushes to caress her charisma,
Dawn shies,moon twinkles raising the dusk,
And there, standing alone, she creates
A heaven in earth.

By :- Rupendra Raj Sharma
Florida, US

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