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Horror of 'P'

Last week, I was watching biography of Pol Pot at History Channel. Before that I did not know who was Pol Pot and what had he done so that he became so famous. But when I was watching his show I came to realize how cruel and horrible this man was. Hair of my body stood up seeing his cruelty and madness.

When the show was over I turned off the television. I was restless. Something was bothering me. Then suddenly out of nowhere I knew why I was so restless. Unknowingly in my mind, I was comparing Pol Pot with someone whom I know. I was comparing him with Maoist Leader of Nepal, PRACHANDA. Prachanda is following the steps of Pol Pot although he called himself and his troops, a follower of Mao.

Pol Pot's actual name was Saloth Sar. He had adopted pseudonym Pol Pot while he formed his rebel troops named Khmer Rouge in 1963. Same way Prachanda's actual name is unknown. He adopted pseudonym Prachanda while formed his rebel troops named Maobadhi in 1996. Either it is co-incident or intentionally both have chosen their pseudonym starting from 'P'.

On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge armies defeated the Lon Nol regime and took the capital, Phnom Penh, immediately dispersing almost all of its more than 2 million inhabitants to a life of hard agricultural labor in the countryside. Other cities and towns were also evacuated. Pol Pot cut of Cambodia from rest of the world. He banded foreign languages and attacked the neighboring countries of Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand in an attempt to regain ancient “lost territory.” Almost 1.7 million Cambodians were killed, including members of minority and religious groups, people suspected of disagreeing with the party, intellectuals, merchants, and bureaucrats. Millions of other Cambodians were forcibly relocated, deprived of food, tortured, or sent into forced labor. As Prachanda is following Pol Pot I fear that in same way day may come when he will defeat the current parliament, immediately dispersing every one to a life of hard agricultural labor in countryside. Cutting of from modern technology and leading the life of people back to stone age. This thought is too horrible to think also. Like Pol Pot, Maoist has already killed more than 2000 people suspected of disagreeing with the party.

Both of them had formed their rebel troops to protect the people from social and political injustice they were facing. But when power came into their hand they turned into a horrible monster who swallowed all the dreams and hope of the people.

The Vietnamese army overthrew Democratic Kâmpuchéa on January 7, 1979, in retaliation for Khmer Rouge attacks on Vietnam. Pol Pot and the remnants of his forces fled to the Thai-Cambodian border and began a long campaign to retake power. In 1997 Khmer Rouge leaders detained Pol Pot, staging a show trial and placing him under house arrest. Pol Pot died in April 1998. Some analysts speculated that Pol Pot was murdered by his Khmer Rouge colleagues in order to prevent him from testifying about the atrocities committed during the Khmer Rouge's four-year reign of terror from 1975 to 1979.

Pol Pot ruled Cambodia for four years with utmost power. He gave death to many people but he also could not fight against his fate and death, however powerful he was. At the end he had to live a life a stray dog. Running away from everyone. I hope Prachanda also will not have this kind of ending. History has proved that cruelty will not exists forever. There is end of everything. So beware Prachanda.

Karishma Sitoula
winona, mn, usa

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