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I Just Forgot to Tell You "Happy Valentine"

you lime of my thirst
food for my hunger
ideas for my thought
you needn't tell me that
i simply understood you
as a lake does for water
you flowed over me
like a spilled ink off my pen
and spoilt my dream
i did imagined for you
sorry,it couldn't materalize
for i didn't dare to dream it again
under the cool sole of your shoe
i can smell your leg scratching
you from within " hurry up"
the snowing flakes nestled into my arms
just you did before
the fleeting memories broughtin me
a reward that i invested
in my love: a millionth kisses wrapped in single rose
which you must have got today
you crossed me from your compatibles
even before we weren't strangers
i just forgot to tell you
happy valentine
you may not wait again to hear me
what i treasured in my eyes
a blue ocean of my tears
to erase our past
may be less
the wound
that healed
and unhealed
every valentine day
that come like darkness
after every bright day

Written by:Krishna Subedi

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