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Still Alive

I am sitting beside myself
And I hear the people cry
Some say that I am dead
And some say that I am no more in this world
I try to dry their tears,
And want to convince them
But no one sees me
Nor anyone hears my call
I see my body lying still
And the relatives preparing for my funeral
My little son and daughter are crying out
'Father Father, why don't you reply?'
My sweet wife has become a statue
She neither cries nor speaks anything
Just stares out to the dead body of mine
My body is being carried out
The environment has become sorrowful
Everyone is drown in the depth of the grief
Everyone crying out for me
I am restless, I can do nothing
I can watch them and hear their call
But why can't they of mine
Now I am totally broken
I can't touch anyone, I can't make them smile
My body needs rest so I have left it
I am not gone anywhere
I am here around
My body is being kept on the cemetery
And all are praying for me,
To rest peace in the heaven
I am hopeless, I can't cry
My body is dead
But I am still alive…in your hearts and your memories…
See around yourself you will find me …

By :- Shristika Shrestha

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