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Tantalizing truth is a fake
By: Milan Khanal
Date: 19/11/2005
Melbourne, Australia

Resembles a sacred truth to the crowd
Can’t figure out it’s the sin beneath
Hoping the genuine will come true itself
Scratch the residual power underneath

Entirely began with a sparkling glow it seemed
Blur is now the vision of the credence
Would had been a specious if it was timed
However the vein goes all around the presence

Gladiator in an amphitheater is in a vague view
Unless it sees the evil in the fight through
Tantalizingly life tears us all and sews
It is always the same going back to the truth

Nothing compares the fierce psychedelic mind
Even the gladiator can be shattered down in such a night
Has to go through all the tunnels of a kind
Enlightenment from the only supreme soul is knight

Running down on a desert as a runner is fake
Stumbling on for same reason has to end
Knowing of the greens can not be found
Straighten the way up to the other direction

Hug me hug me oh dear hug me tight
Thou and strength in me shall stand the fight
No matter where the wind blows through
I can tell it is all in me and you

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