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"An Exception-Painful Eyes 2 "

Is it my frightful destiny?
Is it my share of agony?
Why life has been so cruel to me?
Why time has been so rude to me?

I am like a trash in a bin,
I am like a dust in a road.
Without any hope to lead my footsteps,
Without any dream to please my eyes.

Neither i have a single cloth,
To cover my whole body.
Luckily internal portion of skin is covered,
Whereas unluckily external portion is exposed.
Nor i have a complete home,
To share my pain and joy with family.
Luckily there's a street to lie down,
Whereas unluckily theres's no roof to protect from rain.

Till now I have been going,
Through a pathetic condition.
Only physical death,
Can free me from this situation.

There's no way to escape this position,
As my life has aleady become "An exception".
Whatever people might say looking at me,
But the bitter truth only remains with me.

Amisha Rauniyar

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