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Do I doubt myself? Or my faith,
Is it my love that feels insecure?
Or is it, my heart that misses the love.
Dreams, I always dreamt,
waking up next to her,holding her.
But why now ? The same dream tortures me.
Do I doubt my dream?
Or is it, my fear of loosing my dream.
That fairy tale, I tend to grab.
Hoping it lasts forever this time,
And shall it not fade away, ever
And yet, once again, I fall short
To make my own destiny,
To re-live my love and dream,
Caress it, treasure it.
Do I doubt my unconditional sincerity?
Or was it just my cruel destiny.
Is it my doubt?
That’s tearing me into millions crumbs,
Or is it, just me, not willing to let go.

By :- Rupendra Raj Sharma
Florida, US

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