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Love, that once
Blossomed my heart
In spite of those darkness, followed by night
That once,
Rejoiced and revitalized
This mortal life
With an enchanting beginning
And with a new enthusiasm
That once,
Revived all those
Joyous moments into this
Deep soul, darkening the color of reason for living
Has now deflowered the power of love
Deepening the penetration
Of pain, sorrows and grieve
Like those thorns
Piercing through the heart
And through the soul
Never to be healed
Never to be sealed
And sailing on the
Ocean of tears

Storms are left to come
Cyclones left to be back
With the last moment of my life
I know, I have to live
For some people
Where I left my duties years ago
I know I've to get my stars back, to twinkle
In this deep darkness
Encapsulating this soul

Lots of things undone
Lots of seas uncrossed
My life aspire
To end up for ever
Never to be back
Becoz my star lies
Behind the heaven
Where all good people dwell.
For ever…… for ever

By Ishwor Mali (alias Ishan)

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