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Can You See thru the mirage, into my heart
A beating heart within a cadaver
Loyalty in Treachery
Exists, a dream of a blind man
A rainbow and some stars,
Bluish sky, with birds flying in and out.
A rising sun in the Far East,
Can you see that hope, in the darkness?
Can you feel tranquil within the chaos ness of your heart?
A new day,
Warm rays of the sun caressing,
A new melody of a bird,
Aroma of a new sanctuary,
Can you hold my hand, once again
Come to my dreams, and never leave
Hear me say, I love you, with each beat of my heart,
Fly with me, in my imagination,
Feel the touch, when I caress your shadow
With your touch, and a smile,
Can you make it a paradise one last time.

By :- Rupendra Raj Sharma
Florida, US

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