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My Unborn Child

Imagination tranquils me,
Of the day when, I’ll see her.
Goddess and divinity,
Seized within a tiny body.
When a moment is created,
With her each grin and twinkle.
Serenity that showers the air,
With her every hush gasp.
Magic that sparks, with a million stars,
With, just a touch, of her feathery fingers.
Dreams are dreamt, and fulfilled,
Within a blink of her blessed eyes.
When my world gets bigger, and peaceful,
With her tiny-tiny pace.
She sings the unheard tale of heaven,
With her hum.
She halts eternity, and creates a new one,
With every dusk and dawn, she brings along.
Glance of her ogle,
Within,exquisite of life,she blesses me with.

By :- Rupendra Raj Sharma
Florida, US

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