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Painful eyes

Eyes soaked with tears,
Heart filled with sorrows.
Fighting with life every day,
Deprived of biss and gay

Unheard cries,
Unbearable blues.
There's no way,
That life did mercy
There's nothing,
That looks very fancy.

Being punished by destiny,
Giving me extreme agony.
For unknown mistake,
Without any place to escape.

Living itself is a never ending struggle,
So death seems better than life.
Day itself is longer than a year,
So time seems cruel forever.

Hope and wishes has already been eroded,
Now its competely dead.
Bliss and smiles has already gone,
Now i am completely alone.

Nomore this painful eyes,
Will see the dream again.
Nomore this unheard cries,
Will be listened again.

Till death knocks at my door,
Till this time stops moving.
Smile won't touch these expressive lips,
Dream won't soar in these imaginative eyes.

Amisha Rauniyar

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