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Reality is vaguely virtual (WHAT????)
By: Milan Khanal

Once an afternoon starts with a normal pace
Dog on the street i see with the same face
Got to see a soul coming up the sky like an angel
Thought have not made a difference

Dark then starts after a while as the day ends
Seemingly it was the same as it was last time
Boons around and the dream was coming out
Really a virtual image in the universe it seems

I really can't say where is this heading
But it can be a time travel where the weirdest is
Perplexing can be the scene when u feel
The universe ended yesterday and u here still

Who are the boons and the dreams which were roaming
It was the imagination fluids which remained
Got to say that was real because i feel it
But the end already engulfed the universe yesterday

The dog and the noon what were they if it ended
Why it was normal even the fumes were spread
It can't be the same old things happening here
But the mind thinks it was all normal which started

This was all that day this guy was thinking
Sitting on the bench under the dark blue sky
I thought he is a kind of maniac who thought this
But he gave me a question whose answer i am still searching

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