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There are many things that we can't express,
Like the extent of happiness and sadness,
Like the depth of love and hatred.
If this would have been possible,
Then nothing would have been impossible,
Then everything would have been measurable.

This is why people can't say how they feel,
When their life will be blessed with bliss and zeal.
Its hard to find the unision between thinking and saying,
Sometimes it's even difficult in beleiving.
There are so many things inside,
But for everyone it's a kind of pride.

Though words can say something,
But it can never convey its real meaning.
There's a unique power that rules us,
Which means alot and drives us.
Towards the place where we want to be,
Towards the dream that we see everytime.
Towards the love where we want to be,
Towards the goal that we want to achieve.

By:Amisha Rauniyar

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