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We don't get it!!!
By: Milan khanal

There are lot of things, from which we say that we know others. However, i think there are not much of a thing that one can say about not only others but people make mistakes on identifying themselves too. Otherwise, in this world people would not have discovered the words, which identifies anger, happiness, dismay, agony, pain, gay, enlighten and the list goes on. The things which makes us to think that we fall in any one of these category at
a particular time, says that we expected one thing and we got something else that is why we feel that we are in agony or in pain or we become happy sometimes by feeling that is good for us. Say if we get increment in our salary. But that happiness goes faded away after a while when we start thinking that it may not be enough because we want a lot of things from our lives. Similarly, everything what we feel goes off after sometime. Why?????
If we would have known that if a particular thing we want would makes us happy than it should persist till the eternity. but no it doesn't happen if we take things lying in the material world. It may be untrue for eternal sacred enlightened heart. but there are rare people who are holding the real meaning of sacred eternity, except gautam buddha. I guess so. May be i
am being cruel or say pessimistic to those who are doing a lot on spiritual reading. But may be i am not. who knows. See I am saying is if we would have known ourselves than things that we figured out that is not going to work for us or things that are going to work for us should make us satisfied. But it does for a moment only and gets fade away. I know i can
untrue this statement but again after a while say some days after the another statement also fades away. Come on what is it there in this world that we don't want.

It is obviously a very short thing that i have been thinking why people do things as they do. I usually come up with a lot of ideas such as for the life to get move on. but really is that true. in a way it is. but ok say if someone wants to be famous doing something. than why can't he just stop there. he wants it extra more. it goes on. it is a chain reaction that any one of us are going through. it is heading towards the avalanche sometimes i feel. is it only about the wants and needs. yes it is. but if yes than why the dimension of the needs keeps on hanging. I say then, it is because the time changes the scenario and people have to change the amplitude of their wants and needs. Ok then, why time is always changing for them if
they have already figured out about themselves already and they know what they want in their lives. I means if anyone has already understood themselves than they need to work out on what they need. If they achieve that need than the needs changes. I am considering that all humans at least in our religion and culture thinks that we usually will have one life-partner and its branch goes on. I mean there won't be much distractions or breaking in the branch. I hope it is making sense. But hell lot of confusion i guess. Anyway, I think we don't know anything about our needs and our wants. That is because we are entangled with the very world, which is governed by the commerce-polarization, power anticipation, financial boost-up society, politics, the ever growing (perpetual) increment in the tax system, industrialism, and a hell lot of other factors. I mean how can a world in this set can determine what are the
eternal truth that we are trying to seek from our lives. I can't understand. But it is very hard to be in a different set if the whole world is running the simulation under the set of economics. We need to change the set but how. I don't know.

Well it doesn't matter if we think that we are living in the present. I think people in the world says live in the present and forget about the future. That is a very good and reasonably right statement to say about anyone. because we can never know who is going to act in which way in future, not even our own brian and our mind can play the games under the economics set with the already started simulation. No one can tell when it is going to stop. It seems like it won't. Because it is very hard for all the people to understand that there is another dimension in the universe and their lives which has a lot of answers. But that answers hurt the core of todays world which is mobilized by economical affairs, which are helping a lot of peoples in different ways. But according to the Newton's theory it comes back what you give.So we get that back anyway never knowing that it is all because we all are staying in a same set, where we think that it is for well-being but in fact we need to understand that this world is one
simulating world. There reality is virtual in this case. We can never understand unless we change our dimension and the factors of analysis triangulation method. I hope we all can get this but will never should agree with all of these things written here. Because it is the way we have been characterized and programmed by the contemporary world. De Ja VU.

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