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"What it Takes"

Everytime people ask,
What it takes to make the love successful?
Everyone thinks deeply about,
What it takes to make the love eternal?

We say,
First is love,
Second is trust,
Third is understanding,
Fourth is time and spacing.
Mixing all these four thing,
Still there's something missing.
Again i think to find its answer,
Then what's needed to enhance its power.

At last,
I get the answer of my question.
That's the most important of all,
Its the "Feelings".
Till we don't feel same,
How can we get true sense?
Till we move with the frim determination,
How can we reach our destination?

Some people reach the half way,
Only few stick together and never go far away.
When they share the same dream,
And their love always lits like moonlight beam.

They never stop in the middle,
Not afraid fo any hassle.
They go on and on,
And finally their love becomes a winner.

Amisha Rauniyar

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