** JOKES **

No idea
The boss
In Texas
a college graduate
Computer freak husband
Santa and Banta
The talking parrots
Kiss and slap
Girl friend 7.0 to wife 1.0
Free 3 days and 2 nights
Noble prize
Quit drinking
Do you still think sardars are dump?
Final Exam
Trivedi Bhai
Baseball in heaven
What does economist do?
Dromitory rules
American or Nepalese
Best police force
Wine Expert
Big Boss Man
What causes heart attack ?
Dark in here
Special funeral
Psyched up
The Proxy Father
Santa Singh Knows Everybody !!
If you are a computer geek
Explore in the Amazon
See the guts
New Yorker arrived

Bus driver
A Texas farmer
Clever sardar for change
A Dog Called Sex
Little Old Lady Knows How to Gamble
Group policy
How to lose weight?
Made in Japan
Middle East Policy
Memory lost
Blonde and all the way to Kathmandu!
Bill Gates Vs general Motors
2 + 2 = ?
Breaking News
Computer Dilemma
Common sense
Doctors meeting
Wanna Dance?
A Child's Prayer
A Husband's Moment of Realization
Son of sardar ji
The great wall
Fact about men
Female computer
Perfect girl
Customer Support
The Proposal
Clarifications on Junk Mails......
The Drinker's Alphabet
Laloo Prasadji
Pitching tomorrow
5 things to do in a lift
Doesn't it get confusing ?
Is the wife in control ?
Marrigae quotes
Lipstick remover
Computer users

Before Computer
Sardar's funeral
Doctor it hurts wherever I touch
On marriage
Some definations
Intelligent men
Redneck Computer Terms
Do you lie ?
I died Because of Freezing Cold......
Because I'm a guy
Because I am a woman
Microsoft 's new TV dinner product.....
Now he is in trouble
How do u record your message in the phone?
Tech Support
I'm getting a Fax
Pay for your bill
Out of question
Fishing for a Week
Police wouldn't listen
Extremely Loyal Fan
World Cup fever
Difference between biology and sociology
When you dial a Mental Hospital....
The Funeral
Yamraj's Room
Hindi Pronouniation ........
Make Your Asian Girlfriend Eternally Happy
Baseball and Football.
Mechanic Vs Doctor
Southern Medical Dictionary
Only in America
Basanti taile nachnai parchha.
ma surya
Buy the Hat not shoes
Short jokes
In the army
Barney the parrot
Do you see
Boy frined to husband
Comprehending IT guys
American and Australian
The best attendant
School bag
What if ?
Drunk and Police
Mr. Bean
Three fathers
A smart blonde
Who wants to be a millionaire ?
Dear God
The parrot
Sobriety tests
Bad car day
Fitness philosophy